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Hi guys,

I have a lot to say, but I don’t want this to get long and boring. So, I try my best.

History(not very important, so you can skip it if you’d like):
It has been more than eight years since we started doing this. It all began with the TV series “Episodes” starring Matt LeBlanc. I enjoyed the show, but it wasn’t popular enough for anyone to bother uploading a smaller version of it. So, I decided to do it myself and uploaded it to TPB. When I saw that people liked the result, I decided to upload more popular shows as well, like “The Walking Dead,” and some big movies too. At that time, we used to upload x264 releases. Then, when x265 came out, I decided to try it and encoded the entire “Friends” TV show. The result was so good that I couldn’t keep it to myself. Back then, nobody used to do x265, so I had to be the one to do it. “Friends” in x265 was uploaded to TPB on September 13th, 2014. I remember when someone from the x265 development team contacted me, expressing surprise that we had started using the the codec so early on. Initially, x265 was quite buggy and I recall having to report numerous issues. However, it has since become much more stable.

After TBP was raided by the police and went down for months, I thought we could use a free weblog to continue what we had started. By “we,” I mean me, “Dr.XJ,” but as PSA, we are a collective “we.” Unfortunately, they removed the blog after just two weeks. This is how was born on December 10th, 2014, and we have come a long way since then. I was a young kid back then, but now I’m a grown-ass man still committed to doing this. Everything will eventually come to an end, but as long as there’s a reason for PSA to exist, we will do our best to keep things rolling.

How others do it?
Well, I think you guys have a basic understanding of how things are done. ALMOST all the “teams” WE know, do things automatically, meaning scripts monitor sources, download and encode videos, and upload them somewhere. This is terrible because it doesn’t consider where the sources came from or how their quality is. They are encoded with the lowest possible quality, which is disrespectful. It may get the job done, but in the worst possible way.

On the other hand, there are better groups that care about sources and try to select good ones. However, the rest of the process is still automatic, which is not recommended. What I mean by “automatic” is that regardless of content, basic encoding settings will be used for everything. Usually default settings. Sometimes I’ve seen them make it worse because they don’t know what they’re doing. Regardless of whether it’s a low-budget TV show or a blockbuster movie, settings are the same. It’s still bad. I don’t want to name names, but it’s almost all the other teams that are doing this.

How PSA does it?
We respect every individual who wants to watch our releases with their beautiful eyes. In order to provide the best possible quality, each release is carefully crafted by hand. We begin by selecting the best source available and, if necessary, compare multiple sources for a particular movie or TV show. Once we have selected the best source, we watch the whole thing in 2-3 minutes(fast-forward) to check everything, which may spoil the movie, but we do it nonetheless because we are professionals.

We then tailor our encode settings to the specific movie or TV show, sometimes even using different settings for different episodes. After the encode is complete, we go through everything again to ensure that the results meet our high standards. If we are not satisfied with the results, we tweak some settings and redo the process until we achieve the desired outcome.

At PSA, we never sacrifice quality and efficiency for speed. We use complex encode settings even for 4K releases, which may slow down the encoding process but help us provide the most efficient releases possible. Our approach has changed the game in many ways, such as being the first ones to use 1080p sources for both 720p and 1080p releases and utilizing Blu-ray remuxes as our sources to provide better results. Before that, teams used to pick like a 4GB 720p already encoded Sparks source, but we went for 30GB untouched remuxes. Nowadays, this is considered a standard.

That is the reason why we don’t have as many uploads on our site compared to other teams that upload 20-30 older movies or 1-2 TV show packs every day with rapidly. This is not how we operate at PSA because we prioritize quality over quantity, which means we cannot compromise on the results by rushing through the process. That’s why we may not be able to fulfill requests for older TV shows or movies due to our focus on providing high-quality everyday uploads.

While we strive to continuously improve our processes and results, we also acknowledge that re-encoding may become obsolete due to the rapid evolution of technology in the near future. Nonetheless, we encourage anyone who wishes to engage in this field to bring their best game and pay attention to every little detail to provide an exceptional viewing experience.

What do we want in return?
Absolutely nothing. We don’t expect anything from you in return for using PSA. It’s all yours to enjoy. However, we would like to express our gratitude to our VIP/Donor members who have been kind and generous in supporting us. Without their contributions, it would have been very difficult for us to keep running this website, which is quite expensive to maintain. I personally hug you all with love. Additionally, we appreciate those who take the time to go through the ads on our website, as it really helps us out. We have been working tirelessly for the past 8-9 years without any breaks, even during times when it was difficult, such as when I had Covid-19. We kindly ask that you refrain from downloading our releases from other sources, as doing so hurts us both financially and mentally. Our goal is to produce quality content for our users, and we are happy to see more people coming to our website to access it. If you find it hard to support us through donations, please consider spending just 30 seconds to go through our ads. We have removed all the popups and ads from our website, so you can browse it without interruption. We believe this is a fair tradeoff for the work we put in to create content for you. Ultimately, we hope that you will support everything you like, as that is the only way it can survive. All the things I mentioned take a big portion of our day. We do it only because of you guys. Hope you understand. Helping us in any form or way is actually helping yourself. We all keep PSA moving. There are a lot of fees and expenses to cover each and every month and have to pay them right on time. There’s no way around it. I wish there was.

Other problems?
Since we created this website, we’ve faced numerous challenges and encountered many enemies. We’ve had to deal with DMCA agents, DDoS attacks from large corporations, financial losses due to various reasons, domains being blocked and more. Despite these difficulties, we’ve persevered in order to fulfill our obligations of providing new releases in PSA quality as soon as possible. Maintaining a website like PSA is far from easy, but we don’t believe you should be burdened by our struggles. We simply want you to know that it takes a lot of effort and dedication to keep this website running.

I might update this article in the future based on the comments and other things.


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Wow. A big thank you to you Dr. XJ and team. I came upon your site looking for small size movie and TV files. I have searched a lot of torrents and sites but none as good as you. You guys are the best. Even those streaming platforms aren't this good in providing quality


Thanks friend glad you like it.


After facing some traffic issues lately, I considered trying out some low size encodes… and I encountered PSA.

I couldn't believe my eyes! No encode could be this good…
So maybe they cut corners in action and speedy scenes like all the others I've seen before… but no, still superb quality! For merely a forth/fifth of the size getting this quality?
That's magic! Kudos!
And Thank U!

Ragnar Lothbrok1

Thanks for your magical encodes specially for anime and your site is best as always but I request you one thing pls consider more best and good anime in future just like you always do


I found out about PSA around November 2015 and to this day I've been relying on them. You've never compromised with the quality and thanks for that. Keep up the good work Dr. First Never Follows…


Wow, it's so impressive what you have done all this years for all of us to enjoy series and movies. I started in this site like 5 years ago searching an episode it wasn't available on the site I usually download until that all my videos were 480p because large resolutions came with large file sizes but when I saw your quality 720p became my standard and PSA my fav site. Keep going and thank you.


Hi. I watch many of your releases, and they are the best. But beside that, me and hundreds of millions of people who don't have access to mainstream media like youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu(and practically every first world stuff that people easily have access to) would like to thank you for all you did and doing and we hope you to do it in the future…..Love you guys.


Just caught this. Dr XJ what can I say except for an immense thank you. That doesn't even begin to cover my gratitude for all you, and Valhalla, have done on PSARips. I just checked some of my old files to see when I started & it was around December 2016. Not sure what caused the introduction to your site but out of the dross, there was and still is a beacon of quality on Thanks.


You have brought so much joy to my life. I visit your site every day. I appreciate everything you do here You are simply the best site for TV Shows and movies. I can't thank you enough for every thing you do.

I love you guys.
Long Live PSARips!


you guys truly are deserving of our utmost gratitude, doing all these through everything with just so few of you and not compromising on quality. we salute you.


PSA is the best, period.


I Love You Guys from the depths of my heart. I truly do. I'm saying this from the deepest core of my emotions, keep on doing what you are doing. You are really changing a lot of lives with your immense kindness. May all your wishes come true, i have you all in my prayers. God bless you all


Thanks friend, same to you.


To me, PSA represents the apex of HEVC encoding. I talk you guys up to anyone else out on the high seas who hasn't heard.

I'm curious, are there any plans to one day move to AV1?




Wow, its quite impressive you were contacted by x265 development team. I always wondered if it would be beneficial for you to operate PSA as a private tracker, in regards of costs as well as your content being uploaded to other platforms. Regardless, I consider myself lucky to have found you when I did!


This is the Way.


Thanks for all the good works you've been doing for years now.. I personally appreciate it and I'm not in any way bothered about your ads knowing it's the only way I can support for now.. Your site has been my favourite when it comes to downloading my TV shows and movies. You're simply the best. From your encodes down to file sizes you're definitely the best. Thank you so much who've you are..


Thanks a lot. I will donate soon.


Really appreciate the quality
When I see word PSA already I know quality will be perfect
Nowadays streaming service are costly
Keep up the good work


I live in Sana'a, Yemen. Statistically proven, the country with the slowest internet speed in the world, at 1.3 Mbps. The fastest download speeds available in my area are about 150KB/s. Oh, and not just that, but they also limit the internet data here. So, with $25, you get around 80 GBs. I can only download low size media files. Thus your guys' work is deeply appreciated. It is benevolent.


Thank you for your amazing content and effort!


Thanks for all you do. I've been using the site for about 2 years. Quality is exceptional.


Low mb, huge quality (psa supremacy)💪

Rokib Hasan

I've been getting PSARips' releases from 2016 or so.
In that time, I either downloaded from — , PSA or — . But I always chose from the first two providers.
Ever since — went down in 2017, and — Quality dropped, the only place for Highest Quality Releases for Movies and TV Shows for me was One & Only "PSA".


Thanks for sharing this, really appreciate it. ❤️


I don't remember how long I have been coming to PSArips but it was back when x264 was dominant and no one was doing x265. I can't even remember how I came across the site. Since then this is my go to place. I don't really comment much but I would really like to say thanks for the time and effort that goes into giving us the best encodes.


thank you


Just wanted to share my everlasting appreciation for what Team PSA does.



This right here, Is beauty of another level, and its exactly why i don't go to other websites, (unless its not here at all) (and ive been through every page, multiple times, from page 1 – last page and backwards

keep up the amazing work!


I cant express how much I love your encodes you guys were the first to do 4K im small sizes and I LOVE IT!♥ its amaasing and beautiful to watch Long Reign PSA!


Most People open to Check Internet connection, I open PSArips/PSA… site.

I found PSArips in other torrent sited first in the early 2016 ish, later found primary i visit regularly and download 99.9% of my favorites from PSArips site only.

I just wanna express my eternal gratitude. Hope my 5 yr old grow up to use our all time favorite website.

Thank you.


What an interesting readig. Yeah you're my first, and most times ONLY choice when looking for certain series or recent (and not so recent) movies.


Thanks a lot guys! ❤️
Good luck for your future works too.
Btw can we see the faces of the crew?😝


Thanks for the overview, and of course, for the excellent work you do. I really appreciate the quality!


Y'all are awesome! Keep up all the great work, it's much appreciated!


I am as grateful as I am impressed! I knew you were extra picky when selecting sources, and I had a vague idea of your level of mastery of x265. But neither did I expect its devs reaching out to you, nor would I ever have assumed that you are watching everything in Fast Forward and are selecting encoding settings per episode where needed.
Thank you for your dedication and unbelievably good work!


interesting to know how it all started, thank you for sharing ^^
Ooh it Shows !! in every frame the PSA quality is clean and clear 👌🌞
..needless to say that you got the Best files Naming EVER 🙂 everything is in place ^^

You Rock



Doc MaKS

My Eternal Love, Respect and Gratitude to you guys. So much to say since 2014, but at a loss for more words because i have too much to say. So for now +1 to all those below.

Thank You Dr.XJ & Valhalla.


Thank you for doing this, where every single thing is being commercialized, what you people are doing is a community work that is beyond praise and gratitude, will set-up my crypto wallet just to donate to this website which we all love. You guys are the best and love the comment section where you guys still interact with the community. Much love guys thank you for your service.

H.S Industries

PSA is the best forever! Don't stop this. This world needs you. I used an Ad blocker to go through the advertisements. But, I decided to whitelist in my ad blocker after reading this, and decided to click on advertisements to help you like a real man… (I'm still a poor student. So, Am unable to support you by donating for now. But now I have an aspiration to donate you someday.)

Zen Mortal

This site is amazing and I visit it multiple times every day checking for new releases or new encodes of old favorites. No site has brought me more joy over these past years and I hope PSA is around for years to come.

Any time or money spent here is saved over what would be spent scouring the Internet for inferior media.

Thank you for everything Dr.XJ!

Skull Knight

Logged in to say Thank you very much Doc and team. Much Appreciated you hardwork and dedication for quality.
Stìll remember the TPB times and I think I may still have those OG Friends links buried somewhere.

I cant support you with donations but you are the only Uploader who is whiltelisted on all adblocker and the one whos links I get through normal process even if I can fìnd them elsewhere.


Thank you so much PSA Team. I have been using PSA only (rarely other sources if a particular series or Movies available in PSA). You guys are embedded in my life. Thank you so much for your continous hard work. One suggesstion – Please dont stop rolling at any cost.



Got a lot of respect for you guys since I first found good quality x265 crf encodes from you. Since then I've learned a lot about re-encoding stuff and even uploaded select few stuff which I couldn't find elsewhere (anime and TV shows) on — and –. But it's thanks to you that I was first introduced to quality x265 encodes. Btw, I've seen very good AV1 anime encodes, any future plan for AV1?



Dr Occult

With any encode you offer, it will always be the best. It has been a whole new beauty since I started watch your 4K uploads


This post just made me log in after god knows how many months (or years) later. Been following you guys since 2014. still remember my first psa download was GOTG vol 1 720p 800mb. which was way better to look at than anything x264 720p encoders providing at that time. I became fan of that codec and never looked back. Id say more than 90% of what i have is from psarips. hitting word yall


Like many others have said, I cannot express how much I appreciate your work <3


Thank you very much Doc and Val for all your hardworks!! Much Appreciated and Love PSArips!:)))


Thanks you PSA team for all the work and uploads. I have so much love toward all of you guys and I'm grateful too. It became my daily routine to check PSA's website everyday because the quality and the size made me.

🤗 💯 ✌️ ❤️ 💖

Uhtred of Bamburgh

❤️ 🫡 🫡


Thanks for all you do, Valhalla and Doc!


What a great piece Dr XJ. Informative and honest.

I stumbled onto your site 6 years ago as another I used was shut down. A result that was for me, and haven't looked back since.

I really appreciate the hard work you both do to get us top quality content on a daily basis. And I will continue to get all my content from you as long as you keep supplying. The 4K UHD content is amazing! Thanks