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Apparently, us people don’t know what is good and what’s not and our government has to decide for us. This is why we hear our domains are getting blocked often. We had this problem with India and Iran before but now it seems like Indonesia has joined the party as well. So, we decided to write a little article for people to fight back.

There are 2 main ways to fix this issue. One can be done by the visitors and the other one is on admins shoulders.

1- What the visitors can do:
Internet censorship is very complex in some countries like China and Iran. But from what we gathered, at the moment, in other countries like Indonesia and India it’s simple. The blocking is being done with an old simple DNS Spoofing/Hijacking attack(which is a dirty trick). In this method, they change and replace the original IP of a blocked website with one of their own’s. So when you want to connect to the website, you will be connected to their website instead.
To resolve this there are multiple ways but we will teach you the easiest: Changing your DNS server. You can unblock PSA or any other website that is being blocked this way. There are two main ways to utilize it:
1.1: The automatic way. There are many applications available that can do this for you. You can do your own research to see which one fits you the most. PLEASE ONLY USE TRUSTED APPS. We have one recommendation: cloudflare.
Cloudflare is a very big and trusted company that many of you are familiar with. To use Cloudflare’s DNS servers you have to go to and install the application. Once you enable it on your device, your DNS server changes to Cloudflare’s and everything should work OK. Be careful not to use WARP as it works as a VPN. There are some pros and conns with VPNs but at the moment we don’t want to talk about it.

1.2: The manual way. You can easily find a good DNS server like Google’s which is or Cloudflare’s which is or other public DNS servers and set it on your device. You can usually set it on your router which is the ideal way, or you can set it on every device individually. It’s a simple process. Just go to your settings and enter or as your DNS server. If you have any problem doing it, you can of course use Google.

2- What the admins can do:
Well, if your a PSA regular visitor you know we usually buy a new domain every several months to fight the censorship. This is not the best way, as it’s hard for people to remember domains and stuff, but it’s effective. You can follow us on the social media(preferable Telegram) to follow related news.

Hopefully we can combine both methods and fight back. There are other methods to get help from, like free VPNs but unless you have to, I don’t recommend it. Because it could affect your internet speed and cause other issues. Many IPs of VPN services are blocked because people abuse them. Of course VPNs are a good way to protect your identity while downloading torrents. Keep that in mind(however you can use proxies as well). AGAIN, ONLY USE TRUSTED SERVICES(like Opera Browser, Warp, etc.) OR YOU RISK ALL YOUR DATA BEING STOLEN.

Let us know what your opinion and experience is.

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YOOO!!! A HUUUGGEE Thank you for this!!! This was soooo helpful. Can't believe I am actually learning something on PSA. You guys are the best.


Indonesian here, don't worry im using warp rn

Rokib Hasan

Get a Tor/Onion Domain, I guess 🫡


I'm always using dnscrypt to see all content on internet


Today psaripsdotre is not opening in (India)I have to use vpn to visit psarips
I have changed the browser but something but vpn is opening psarips site
(It's only me which is seeing this issue or someone else also facing it?)


Once you set the DNS manually then it is worth looking into " for Families" service and DNS over HTTPS (DoH) 😉



Woahh. I'm pretty surprise Telkomsel finally blocked PSA, but Indihome didn't.

I'm pretty sure they didn't block the file hosting site.
So use to access PSA and disable VPN after the link has been generated

Binay Sanghi